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Updating old oak cabinets

This has made it a popular option for under-cabinet lighting. Cabinet design has not changed much over the last few years; at least not as much as other elements such as countertops or flooring. The measurements were precise and exact. Ordered again since then. I was more than pleased when I unpacked them.

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  1. Ideas to Update Oak Cabinets You might be surprised to hear it, but I'm actually a huge fan of oak cabinets that's right, a HUGE fan. Why? Well, unlike melamine, thermofoil and veneers, oak cabinets are almost always REAL solid wood.

  2. Explore options for restoring or recycling old kitchen cabinets, plus browse helpful pictures from HGTV.

  3. Dear Maria, We have those dreaded honey oak cabinets in our kitchen. We are not interested at this point in changing or painting them. I just want to choose a laminate countertop and a backsplash and a wall colour that will look reasonably good together.

  4. As a Home Stager & Color Consultant, I see a lot of Oak cabinets and my goal is to make them look fresh and updated. Sometimes it's as simple as choosing the right color for the walls. If you have Oak or Honey toned wood cabinets and want to refresh your kitchen, consider painting the walls in today.

  5. Transform boring builder grade oak cabinets into modern, dark espresso cabinets with gel stain and a men's sock. Easy and affordable!

  6. This past month I consulted with homeowners with Builder Grade Oak Cabinets to select a wall color that would enhance the wood. They were stumped as far as which direction to go in so they made the decision to call me for a Paint Consultation.

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