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Redmine git repository not updating

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  1. Clone or download this repo into your redmine_root/plugins/ folder $ git clone You have to run the plugin rake task to provide the assets (from the Redmine root directory).

  2. Redmine plugin list. A. Advanced reminder; Advanced Roadmap plugin; Arch Decisions plugin; Asset Management Plugin; Auto-close Resolved issues plugin; B. Backlogs plugin.

  3. 重要. 最初にリポジトリを閲覧するときは、Redmineはすべてのコミットの情報を取得しデータベースに格納します。.

  4. Should you not like to continue using Planio, you do not need to do anything. We won't charge you during or at the end of the free trial. If you would like to continue using Planio, we will ask you to enter your payment details at the end of the trial.

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