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Naija dating blog

Although normally tuned, untuned examples are sometimes used to produce a bass rhythm. They are traditionally made from a single piece of wood or spherical calabashes, but have more recently been made from oil drums. Various bells are a common part of royal regalia, and were used in secret societies. Popular music[ edit ] Many African countries have seen turbulence and violence during their forced transition from a diverse region of folk cultures to a group of modern nation states. Listening to Timi Korus Babe mi Jowo and Flosha denotes artist home and abroad now rap and sing in yoruba and not forgetting their heritage. Haruna Ishola was the most famous apala performer, and he later played an integral role in bringing apala to larger audiences as a part of fuji music. They now typically use European instruments, film extracts and recorded music.

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  4. The music of Nigeria includes many kinds of folk and popular music, some of which are known of folk music are related to the multitudes of ethnic groups in the country, each with their own techniques, instruments, and songs.

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  9. I said fine and continued eating. I met someone else again and in greeting the person too asked how was your night, at this point I’m worried.

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