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Dating pickett slide rules

The most obvious change is the relieved mahogany wood exposed on the edge pieces of the rule, along with the model and patent information. Another drawback of circular slide rules is that less-important scales are closer to the center, and have lower precisions. This is the largest slide rule I've ever seen, made in Pickett's trademark "eye-saver" yellow aluminum copyright date is The rule has an excellent feel, and is made of celluloid covering a mahogany wood core. You'll also notice that this model lacks the gorgeous relieved wood edges of later N specimens earliest example I have with the inlaid wood is In , Swiss watch company Breitling introduced a pilot's wristwatch with an integrated circular slide rule specialized for flight calculations: Their high quality leather cases are also among the best, and were frequently imitated.

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  1. My collection of Pickett slide rules. Pickett NES Speed Rule. This is the slide rule that went to the moon (well, not this actual one, presumably).

  2. - Post war Japanese manufacturer Nippon Slide Rule founded, and begins manufacturing of Nikkei slide rules, later using the brand name of Relay, selling to US markets as Relay Industrial Co.

  3. My collection of K&E slide rules. K&E (ca. )This is the probably the oldest in my collection, dating back to the year it was first introduced (serial number places it to ).

  4. The slide rule, or slipstick, is a mechanical analog slide rule is used mainly for multiplication and division, and also for "scientific" functions such as roots, logarithms and trigonometry, but usually not for addition or subtraction.

  5. Keuffel & Esser Co. factories were based in Hoboken, New Jersey (USA), with offices in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, Detroit, and Montreal. Started in , slide rules were only a very small part of K+E's product offering, which included everything from drafting paper to survey instruments and drafting aids.

  6. The new overtime rules that we’ve been talking about here for the last month were finally released by the Department of Labor today. This is no longer spec.

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