Abu ambassadeur 5000 dating. Fred's Classic ABU Reel Information

Abu ambassadeur 5000 dating

The following information was given to me by Simon Shimomura but should not be considered as all-inclusive. Applications are invited between April 13th, through May 13th, This is when I contacted Simon with my information and pictures. Production for this model began in June and was introduced to the public in They are unique to a particular time period which I will not elaborate on further for fear of educating those who wish to deceive. ABU may have waited until the bait clicker was installed some time in before justifying the cost of having box tops and display cards labeled "Ambassadeur B.

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  1. N umbering on ABU reels is a most challenging topic. it is not fully understood and as soon as a rule is applied, it is sure to be over-ruled with an exception.. To help us understand this topic, I will try to summarize here, as simply as possible what i have observed on my own reels over 40+ years, discussed with knowledgable collectors .

  2. Fred's Classic ABU Reel Information by. Fred Ribb. All information on this page is my interpretation and opinion about the history of the Ambassadeur reel as I understand it.

  3. (Back To Home) Below is a detailed list of many of the antique fishing reels and boxes that I am interested in purchasing: Abbey & Imbrie, Abu Ambassadeur, Record, T.

  4. Rick's Rods, owner of Phillipson Rod Company, specializes in buying, selling, and repairing high quality, vintage bamboo and fiberglass fly fishing rods.

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